Hello, we are Ying and Brad. Although over the years we had visited 26 countries including four where we had worked and lived in for a period of time, we always had itchy feet dreaming to travel full time. Since September 2019, we officially became "homeless" and started our "jolly hobos" journey. 

The plan was to slow-travel, where we would stay at one place for one month or more so that we feel like local residents rather than tourists. Wherever we are, we love to explore nature, study local history, appreciate local art & culture, and try local cuisines. Hiking is always high on our agenda, so we tend to choose places with more hiking opportunities to stay as opposed to busy urban settings. 

We have been inspired by many travel bloggers to be able to finally get onto this journey. We feel very grateful to them. That is why we decided to start this blog hoping that, by sharing our authentic stories and experiences, we can also encourage others to pursue their travel dreams. 

This map shows the countries we've visited - blue ticks were prior to Jolly Hobos and orange ticks are since Jolly Hobos, some with both colours means we visited before and since Jolly Hobos, and the green house symbol shows the countries we worked and lived in.