Our Score for Lisbon Portugal

We stayed in Lisbon for a month in October & November 2020 and here is how we score Lisbon.

Please refer below "Destination Score Criteria Explained".

1. Green Space - 4

One of the things that we have been most impressed with in Lisbon is the amount of open space, parks, and accessible walking areas. There are plenty of squares large and small with gardens and trees, there are lovely long tree lined streets, and a good range of parks and waterfront walks.

2. Air Quality - 3

Generally the air quality was pretty good, but like any big city there was often a lot of pollution visible on the horizon.

3. Walkable - 5

Lisbon is a very walkable city with an excellent footpaths, plenty of pedestrian only zones in the city and even out of the city. The different hills that make up the city all connect with the lower areas by stairs, streets, and in some cases elevators and escalators. We walked everywhere. Drivers are very good at stopping for pedestrians.

4. Transport - 5

Lisbon has an excellent transport network including metro lines, urban and intercity trains, trams, buses, and also elevators, funiculars and escalators to get you up those hills. It also has a large airport servicing domestic and international traffic close to the city and served by the metro. Uber is available. There is also a plethora of those scooter and bike companies in Lisbon.

5. Internet - 2

Because we were in the oldest area of Lisbon (Alfama), our internet wasn't great as fiber is not available in this area. We were getting 11Mbps download and only 700Kbps upload.

6. Cost of Living - 3

One cup of Espresso coffee costs €0.7 - 1. One single metro ticket costs €1.5. The average Airbnb costs USD$38.5 per night.

Eating out is inexpensive in Lisbon: a set menu lunch costs €8-10, a decent bottle of wine from supermarkets costs €2, a main dish in a restaurant costs €10-15 for dinner.

7. Street Art and Street Performance - 3

There is a good amount of street art, and a few street performers generally playing guitar and singing. It's hard to tell if there are fewer of these performers now than there might normally be due to COVID and the lack of tourism.

8. Natural Beauty - 3

The wide waters of Rio Tagus gives the city a wide and open feel. Just out of the city you have the beautiful natural park of Sintra-Cascais with mountains, forests, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches. Escaping the city to nature is very easy and quick from Lisbon.

9. Architecture - 5

We love the architecture in Lisbon. There is no shortage of grand old buildings sitting atop hills or making a commanding presence on a square, there are beautiful old apartment buildings adorned with tiles or painted in bright pastels. But there is also modern buildings fused in that give a sense of a city proud of its past but not neglecting the future.

10. Fresh Produce - 4

Even though we lived in the oldest part of the city, there was no shortage of supermarkets and other local stores that provided everything you could need. Seafood was plentiful and fresh in the supermarkets at good prices.

11. People - 5

We find most Portuguese people friendly and helpful. In Lisbon basically everyone we came across spoke some level of English which makes our life much easier. Our Airbnb host was delightful and helpful going out of her way to make us feel welcome.

12. Jolly Hobo's Pleasure Level - 4

We really liked Lisbon and didn't find ourselves bored or running out of things to do. Each time we went out for a walk we found something new, loved the the buildings, the tree-lined streets and the wide open spaces. We think it is a great place for a long stay.

The total score is: 46 (out of total 60), therefore Lisbon gets our second highest rating of "Super Jolly"!

Destination Score Criteria Explained

We score each destination that we stayed, living like a local. The length of stay is normally longer than two weeks. We picked 12 categories that matter the most to us as follows, not in any particular order. In any given category, the lowest score is 0 and highest score is 5. We then add the scores together to come up with a total score and a level of "Jolly":

0-20: Really Bad

21-30: Not So Jolly

31-40: Jolly

41-50: Super Jolly

51-60: Supremely Jolly

1. Green Space

How many small and large green spaces for exercises, picnic, reading etc. It also includes the amount of tree lined streets providing adequate shade.

2. Air Quality

In general what is the air quality like? Is smog visible? If so, how often?

3. Walkable

How walkable is the place? Are there good quality walk ways / foot paths? How are the pedestrian crossings and traffic light lights? Do cars give way at pedestrian crossings?

4. Transport

  • Public transport / connections, ease of use, cost

  • Uber etc availability

  • Airport distance

5. Internet

Quality of internet. We do a Ookla speed test at each location. Download speed is important of course, but considering we load up photos & videos, upload speed is important too.

6. Cost of Living

Use the following benchmark items:

  • A cup of standard coffee in a cafe

  • Local transport cost

  • Average AirBNB nightly cost for a one bedroom apartment with Wifi, kitchen and washing machine and a rating of 4.85+

7. Street Art and Street Performance

How lively is it on the streets from an art and entertainment perspective?

Is there quality street art or is there just graffiti?

8. Natural Beauty

What is the natural environment like? Is it attractive? Does it have any particular appeal such as mountains, sea etc?

9. Architecture

What is architecture like? Attractive place, new, old, ugly?

10. Fresh Produce

Availability, quality, price of fresh food and grocery shopping

11. People

Are local people friendly? Are they processional at service oriented venues such as supermarkets, shops, cafes and restaurants?

12. Jolly Hobo's Pleasure Level

Overall how much did we enjoy the time in this place.