Our Score for Hvar Town, Croatia

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

We stayed in Hvar Town in July 2020 for four weeks and here is how we score Hvar.

Please refer below "Destination Score Criteria Explained".

1. Green Space - 5

Whilst Hvar is mostly about the water and the rugged coastline, there is still a great amount of greenery to enjoy. Whether it is the great coastal walks going out in either direction from the town, the forested hikes up to the Spanish Fortress or Napolean Fortress, or even over on the Pakleni Islands - there is plenty of greenery and shade.

2. Air Quality - 4

Hvar doesn't really generate much pollution, but there were numerous days where pollution was quite visible reducing the visibility of nearby islands and painting a light pink glow. Not quite sure where it came from or if it was pollution or fires.

3. Walkable - 5

Hvar town is eminently walkable. From the heart of town you have everything within a few minutes walk - from stunning swimming spots to shopping and dining. There are a large number of pedestrian only streets and walkways making it a pleasure to walk around.

4. Transport - 5

Ferries connect Hvar with Split and to other nearby islands like Vis and Korcula. Buses start from Hvar and stop at all other towns on the island . There are also a range of taxis and water taxis.

5. Internet - 1

We had continuous problems with exceptionally slow internet and constant drop outs. Maintaining a 4MB/s download speed was a miracle.

6. Cost of Living - 3

Espresso coffee is USD$1.88. Local buses cost USD$4.2 - $10 depending on travel distance out from Hvar town. Average AirBNB nightly price is USD$44 (peak summer time).

7. Street Art and Street Performance - 2

There was very little graffiti. Only on a couple of occasions did we encounter some musicians down in St Stephens Square which added some nice ambience.

8. Natural Beauty - 5

Hvar is filled to the brim with glistening Adriatic sea water, bathed in the warm sun, and surrounded by idealistic islands and mountain vistas. One can drink the natural beauty all day long!

9. Architecture - 5

The old town in particular is gorgeous - tight laneways traipsing up and down hills lined with sandstone houses, small squares and public spaces all create a sense of timelessness. The new areas are full of stone buildings, planned and executed thoughtfully to match the local environment, very pleasing on the eye.

10. Fresh Produce - 3

Quality often is not very desirable. The green market is small and over priced. The tiny fish market almost had nothing on most days.

11. People - 4

Most were friendly and often would say hi or giving a greeting on our morning walks.

12. Jolly Hobo's Pleasure Level - 5

We loved the beautiful waters, the coastal walks and the Old Town and would definitely go back to visit.

The total score for a long stay on Hvar is: 47 (out of total 60), therefore Hvar gets our 2nd top rating of "Super Jolly"!

Destination Score Criteria Explained

We score each destination that we stayed, living like a local. The length of stay is normally longer than two weeks. We picked 12 categories that matter the most to us as follows, not in any particular order. In any given category, the lowest score is 0 and highest score is 5. We then add the scores together to come up with a total score and a level of "Jolly":

0-20: Really Bad

21-30: Not So Jolly

31-40: Jolly

41-50: Super Jolly

51-60: Supremely Jolly

1. Green Space

How many small and large green spaces for exercises, picnic, reading etc. It also includes the amount of tree lined streets providing adequate shade.

2. Air Quality

In general what is the air quality like? Is smog visible? If so, how often?

3. Walkable

How walkable is the place? Are there good quality walk ways / foot paths? How are the pedestrian crossings and traffic light lights? Do cars give way at pedestrian crossings?

4. Transport

  • Public transport / connections, ease of use, cost

  • Uber etc availability

  • Airport distance

5. Internet

Quality of internet. We do a Ookla speed test at each location. Download speed is important of course, but considering we load up photos & videos, upload speed is important too.

6. Cost of Living

Use the following benchmark items:

  • A cup of standard coffee in a cafe

  • Local transport cost

  • Average AirBNB nightly cost for a one bedroom apartment with Wifi, kitchen and washing machine and a rating of 4.85+

7. Street Art and Street Performance

How lively is it on the streets from an art and entertainment perspective?

Is there quality street art or is there just graffiti?

8. Natural Beauty

What is the natural environment like? Is it attractive? Does it have any particular appeal such as mountains, sea etc?

9. Architecture

What is architecture like? Attractive place, new, old, ugly?

10. Fresh Produce

Availability, quality, price of fresh food and grocery shopping

11. People

Are local people friendly? Are they processional at service oriented venues such as supermarkets, shops, cafes and restaurants?

12. Jolly Hobo's Pleasure Level

Overall how much did we enjoy the time in this place.