Attention Dog Owners: Pick up Your Dog's Poop!

In the last six months having travelled from Mexico to Spain, then the UK and eventually to Croatia, we found one thing these random countries have in common - dog poop in public places such as street footpaths, park tracks and forest trails. Not a day past that we didn't come across some dog poop on our path and it's getting really frustrating! In the last three months alone when rambling in the English forests, I accidentally stepped on dog poop more than once.

We've noticed pet dog numbers have been increasing globally and proud dog owners everywhere are generally taking good care of their precious "babies". However, a certain percentage of dog owners are truly lazy and irresponsible when it comes to their pet's backdoor business. In this case, sharing is NOT caring! I do not want to share your dog's poop with you, thank you very much!

When we were living in a community in Boulder Colorado, DNA testing was used to identify specific offenders and dog owners would get fined as punishment. I heard in some other places, dog owners could also be named and shamed in addition to getting fines. These are all applaudable measures in small, built up communities, but when it comes to areas with less foot traffic people cheat more and it becomes harder to monitor.

It's great people want dogs and do the right thing exercising them - but please do the right thing and clean up after them.