Seville Spain: Tapas, Architecture and Oranges

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

We ended up only staying for two weeks in Seville as our planned month long stay was abruptly cut short by COVID-19. The first week was not quite productive as Brad was under the weather. The positive side is that we did spend a quality one week exploring Seville!

Our first impression was those ubiquitous orange trees with abundant large oranges hanging off the branches, the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms lingering in the air everywhere we went. Out of curiosity, we picked an orange from a tree and tasted it, then regretted it :( Later we learned that Seville's oranges have quite a reputation - sour and bitter, but good for making marmalade.

Seville Oranges
Seville Oranges

Our next favourite thing in Seville was street Flamenco dancing. At a square or on the corner of a street, Flamenco dancers in their flamboyant costumes often dance on a small platform with a singer and a guitar player forming a trio. Sometimes we came across a pair of dancers and a larger support crew. The passion of the dance and music is absolutely mesmerising and hypnotising.

Tapas bars was no doubt the most exciting and impressive scene we experienced in Seville. No matter traditional or modern, they were always packed with people . We love the traditional ones that always have ham legs off the ceiling of the bar with most customers eating tapas with a glass of wine around the bar, more standing than sitting down as seatings are few. You can literally do tapas bar hopping as it's perfectly acceptable if you only order one or two tapas dishes with a drink and then move on. The seductive power of tapas bars were so strong that whenever I walked past one I couldn't resist but popping my head in to check it out.

While in Spain, we noticed our dinner time got later and later even when we didn't eat out. As the locals don't eat dinner until after 9pm, we somehow adjusted our schedule to the local timetable.

We also greatly enjoyed the large variety of wines and tried many even though we couldn't pronounce the names of the grape types. We loved a local specialty - orange wine - a sweet aperitif or dessert wine.

Last but certainly not least, we greatly appreciated the handsome architecture designs in the city and photographed a lot of gorgeous buildings. Here are some:

Unfortunately we didn't get to visit the Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar and do the day trip to Cordoba as planned. We are hoping to rekindle our love affairs with Seville in not too distant future.