To Blog or Not To Blog

Before setting sail for our full time travel, we debated if we should start a blog both on the philosophical side and the practical side. Philosophically we asked ourselves what the purpose and end goal would be for a blog. Practically we asked ourselves what type of content we would be writing, for example, informative or commentary; and who we would be writing for?

One thing we don't want to be is a blogger who writes only try to please SEO (search engine optimisation) in order to make money from ads displayed on the site. Although we may put ads on at some point, we would want to write something that stems from our real experiences and from our love of travel & exploring new things.

We then went on searching to see how many blogs there are in this travel blogging arena. There are a lot! And the quality among those blogs is chalk and cheese. Some blogs look like a travel magazine, full of glossy stunning photos, but don't look real. Other blogs have great stories and travel advice that is truly inspirational.

Still uncertain what we should do, we begin answering the questions we asked ourselves initially. The purpose of a blog would include a few layers - firstly serving as an online diary to document our jolly hobos journey so that we could look back in our eighties or nineties with some solid memory cues; secondly serving as a platform to share and exchange experiences with fellow travellers (we are social animals after all); thirdly providing some encouragement for people who intend to seek similar life style and hopefully inspiring them to realise their travel dreams.

Based on the above purpose, we would be writing for ourselves, for friends and families who are interested in following our journey, and for all the fellow travellers and would-be travellers out there who share the same travel bug.

We prefer to write overviews and observations rather than focus on itinerary details like a Lonely Planet travel book as there is so much information readily available out there already. Of course we would point out the highs and lows of a place from our personal experience, but we wouldn't list 50 Things To Do at a certain place.

Having gone through the above thought process and also encouraged by fellow full time travellers, we were convinced to give blogging a go and couldn't see any downside at this point as we could always stop and switch it off if we felt that way.

So ironically we started Jolly Hobos blog during the Great Pause of this new journey. It's only been less than two weeks but we have been enjoying this new venture. We've found that keeping a blog encourages us to think more and provoke our mental cells deeper. Writing itself is a creative exercise which must stimulate endorphins that make one feel almost high. Who needs a Green Doctor if you can write? :) The technical and SEO challenges along the way also provide us a great learning opportunity.

We would love to hear your thoughts on blogging!