Which Side of the Footpath / Sidewalk Do You Walk?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

A pet peeve of ours is constantly needing to change the side of a path that we are walking on because people can't be consistent on choosing where to walk.

We aren't talking major pedestrian malls, plazas, and the like - just footpaths, sidewalks, hiking trails, walking tracks etc - places where it gets a bit narrow.

The basic rules of walking in public are pretty simple. When you need to allow for other pedestrians, walkers, runners - you keep to the same side of the path as you drive in that country.

Walk on the Side You Drive in That Country

It's easy to remember - if you drive on the right, then walk on the right. It means that you always face oncoming traffic for safety if the foot path is on the side of a road, and means that everyone can flow freely and get on with their day faster and less stressed.

The Americans, most Europeans, Chinese, and Australians in general are pretty good - the worst offenders are the English by far closely followed by the Japanese! I mean seriously Englanders and Japanese - how much time and aggravation would you save if you weren't playing a perpetual game of frogger trying to wander down High Street!